Our Prici Cut Sheeter is designed for to cut every type of sheets. this sheeters is used to cut variable sizes of sheets With or without printing. PLC controled pannel, auto batch counting, auto stop/start, when sheet counting circle is completed, minimum wastage, ensures higer profitability than Guillotine circle is where all sides of the big sheets have to be finished.

This Sheeter is available in various sizes for every type of printing machines as the cut size of the printing machine as per requirement.

Slitting by rotary top & bottom Knives, Sheeting By dead & FLY shear knives sheets are controled by fast and slow conveyor.

Our PriciCut sheeter attached all type for printing machine like:-

Web Offset printing machine, Web offset newspaper printing machine, narrow web offset printing machine, computer stationery plant, All Types of web feed machines.

Technical Specification:

Web Width               500mm to 1200mm(as per machine width)
Draw Roller             1 No.
Contact Roller         1No.
Registration Assy.  1No.
Study Blade             1No.
Rotary Blade           1No.
Sheet length            according to the printing length
Paper Gsm              45 to 300
Speed                       100-150 Meter Per min (Depend on Substrate)
Drive                         from your existing machine


  • De Curler
  • Accurate Length
  • P.I.V Gearbox For Variable Cuts
  • Auto Stacker
  • Static Eliminator
  • Easy To Operate