Our Prici Cut Sheeter is designed for A4 and A3 sheets direct from rolls to control the wastage of paper. This sheeter is used to cut copier paper sizes of sheets (A3 and A4) With or without printing. It is precisely design to produce perfect sheet size on high speed. This sheeter is controlled by PLC controlled panel, auto batch counting and sheet counting to Produce perfect ream of copier paper. PLC is precisely controlled the machine like when the ream is completed it is automatic separate from the machine without stopping the machine. By this process the production of machine is high and can consume less power.
This machine performs slitting and sheet cutting for complete a ream packet. Slitting is done by rotary top & bottom knives. Sheeting is done by dead & fly shear knives. The output sheet is controlled by fast and slow conveyor to make a perfect ream.

Technical Specification:

Web Width 430mm to 1280mm
Reel Diameter 1200mm
Reel Stand up to 8 No.
Draw Roller 1 No.
Contact Roller 1No.
Registration Assy. -1No.
Study Blade 1No.
Rotary Blade 2No.
Sheet lenghth A4 Size
Paper Gsm -45 to 640
No. of packets  2 to 6
Speed 50-200 Meter Per min (Depend on Substrate)
Drive 5 H.p. (depends On Machine Specification)


  • Automatic separates the ream   
  • High production
  • Accurate Sheet size
  • Knives are long lasting
  • Perfect sheet counting
  • Perfect sheet gathering
  • Less manpower required
  • Upgradable in future