Super Slit

Super slit tape less slitter reminder is suitable for slitting and rewinding Record paper such as Thermal Paper, Fax Paper, Computer print paper, Electra-cardiogram Printing Paper, Cash register roll paper, ATM paper rolls, Pos Paper Role Etc.

Super slit is set of mechanical And Electrical machine, as a whole, Reasonable Structure, Beautiful shape, using frequency conversion motor, step less speed regulation. Structure for the three-roll rolling surface center winding inclusive, pneumatic controls, Automatic tension control trough dancing roller pneumatic brake, comes with a color marketing Device, Smooth Side Surface, Easy operation, high speed cutting, High rate of qualified products etc. To Meet All Kinds of fax Paper, cash register paper(single, double)Equal portions cut rewinding needs.

Technical Specification

Working Width 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm
Parent Reel Die 1Mtr.
Minimum Rewind Core Die 13mm
Finish Roll Dia 200mm
Drive 3 H.P., 5 H.P., 7.5 H.P.
Speed 150Mtr.Per Min.
Loading Of Reel Pneumatic


  • Tape less Rewinding
  • PLC Control Panel
  • Auto Tension Control
  • Pneumatic Loading
  • Auto Gumming System
  • Perfect Rewinding
  • Easy Adjustable Width
  • Exact Meter length