Flat Bed Label Die Cutting Machine

High precision flatbed die cutting machine. The positioning and traction of the printing material is controlled by a servo-controlled system. Sideband guide is controlled by 2 sensors and the longitudinal by 1 one. Lamination, die-cutting, waste disposal, roll-up and other processes can be completed in a single pass. It is suitable for various types of laser printers and is ideal as a die-cutting and molding complement for electronic labels and adhesive tapes.


Technical Specification

Cutting speed 20-250cycle/min
Max. unwind diameter 500mm
Max. web width 330mm
Max. die cutting width 310mm
Max. die cutting length 300mm
Positioning accurancy +0.1mm


  • High Speed 
  • Perfect Positioning
  • Proper Punches
  • Good Rewinding
  • Roll to Roll and Roll to Sheet
  • Sheet Conveyor