Offset printing is the latest method of printing system in any language. The method of printing in earlier days was by rotary printing press in which the matter to be printed was to be first composed manual. In Offset printing, the matter which is to be printed is fed into the computer and after that with the help of the camera, It is exposed and film is prepared through developer/chemicals and put into Offset printing machine to take out the print. Offset printing method is the latest one where the quality of printing is very fine in comparison to the previous method.

Our advance model web offset printing are more impressive thr ever. Presses from & label printing technologies not only print, they also offer in line finishing in a single operation, incorporating hole punching, Die cutting, perforating, sheeting, folding and standard folding for news print or book work. our latest variable-format web offset presses ensure many key benefits for your business, including customized solution and high levels of production reliability.

Technical Specification

Maximum web Width 18″ upto 36″
Reel Dia 50″(imported Reel)
No. of Colors Up to 32
Printing Width Up to 35″
printing Repeat As Per Customer Requirement (variable sizes)
Plate Thickness 28mm
Blanket 1.65mm
Output Reel to Reel, Reel to Sheet
Speed 150 to 200 meter per min(Depend on Substrate)
Paper 40 GSM – 150GSM / 150 GSM-300GSM


  • Motorized Registration System
  • Continuous Dampening System
  • Bearer On Plate And Blanket Cylinder
  • Remote Ink Control
  • Computerized Registration System
  • Automatic/Computerized Ink Loading System
  • UV Dryer
  • Digital Drive
  • Alcohol Dampening System With chilling Plant
  • Narrow Gap Blanket Cylinder
  • Solid Stainless Steel Plate And Blanket  Cylinder
  • Solid Stainless Steel Plate And Blanket Cylinder
  • Water Chilling System