Save Expensive paper that has been damaged during transit or has got out of shape during loading/ unloading and will not let you run your web press at the desired high speeds. Join those reel ends you always thought were scrape and get a workable reel out of it. and of course, Slit stock reels to different sizes to cater to the variety of jobs that invoice of jobs that involve different web widths. High speed, heavy duty slitting & rewinding of uncoated, coated, waxed, gummed, laminated paper, film, paper boards, labels & tag stock, non-woven & other flexible materials, This machine have a center drive system on the finished reel. For higher web widths, We have drum type reminders that work on surface drive systems.

Technical Specification

Maximum web width mm/inch 840mm, 1000mm, 1600mm
Maximum Parent Reel Diameter 1200mm
Max speed meter/min 450m/min(Depend on Substrate)
Power Required  7.5HP, 10HP, 15HP


  • Smooth In Operation
  • High In Performance
  • Longer Service Life
  • Quick And Easy Change Of Stock And Finished Rools
  • Easy Loading System For Stock Roll