High speed slitter rewinder machine

HIGH-SPEED SLITTER REWINDER machine is suitable for slitting and rewinding record paper such as thermal paper, fax paper, computer print paper, electro-cardiogram printing paper, cash register roll paper, duplex paper, laminated rolls, kraft paper, label stock etc.

It is a mechanical and electrical machine, with a reasonably heavy, solid structure, and a beautiful shape, using a frequency conversion motor, stepless speed regulation. Structure for The Three-roll Rolling Surface Centre winding inclusive, pneumatic controls, automatic tension control through close loop braking system. Smooth side surface, easy operation, high-speed cutting, high rate of qualified products, best in cutting accuracy, minimum maintenance required.

The machine is equipped with hydraulic paper reel loading and unloading features, which makes changing paper rolls very easy and time-saving.

The machineis available in different sizes according to the customer’s requirements. Offering edge guide system for edge detection and auto centring of the paper.

The machine is capable of high-speed slitting and rewinding and has a top conversion speed of 450+ meters per minute withprecise slitting quality.


Technical Specification

Type of Rewinding Drum Rewinder
Max Web Width Up to 92”
Max Parent Reel Dia. 1600 mm
Substrate Paper, Label, Mono Cartons, Film
Loading of Reel Hydraulic
Unwind Shaft/Shaftless
Edge Guide 1 Nos.
Machine Type Mechanical, Semi/Fully Automatic
Output Reel
Rewind Dia. 1600mm
Speed 450m/min (Depend on Substrate)
Unloading of Reel Hydraulic


  • Smooth in operation
  • Available in various width
  • High in performance
  • Longer service life
  • Quick and easy change of stock and finished roll
  • Easy loading/Unloading system for stock Roll
  • Static Eliminator
  • Anti-creasing system
  • Accurate meter counter
  • Emergency stop